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Tony Applegate Interview

Check out this video of our partner missionary Tony Applegate.  We had a great time working with them on our recent trip to Uganda.

Tony Applegate Interview from LoveALot Ministry on Vimeo.

Last night in Uganda…

This is our last night in Uganda. We are spending the day in Kampala tomorrow, and flying out right before midnight. It has been a great trip and it will be sad to leave our family here in Uganda, but we cannot wait to be back home to see our families in the States. Check the blog in the next few days for more updates, videos and stories from our trip!

Last day in Kyotera

We spent our last day in Kyotera completing HIV testing and physicals for the orphans.   The last time we came to visit Kyotera we held a sports camp, this time we poked them with needles and dug worms out of their feet.  Not as friendly.  You can tell a child you love them all you want but when to poke a needle in their finger they start to question that a little.  We completed the medical day on schedule and had a little time to play at the end.  Dustin packed about a hundred kites in his baggage so we pulled those out and had a fantastic time.  They even forgot about the poking.  It was great to just run around with them, untangling their kites and helping them fly.  I’m sure there’s a metaphor in there somewhere.  We just love these kids.  It was so hard to say goodbye.  Tears all around.  Tomorrow we will complete physicals for the kids in Kitabazzi and help care for babies at a local baby orphanage.  Looking forward to another day in Uganda. -Erica


All tangled up





Medical Day: Kyotera Uganda

Today we completed physicals and HIV testing for the children in Kyotera.  There are currently 80 children in the orphanage and we hoped to complete the assessments in two days.  With lots of prayer and teamwork we were successful in completing the first forty.  We also managed to take a group shot today!



Mbira Uganda

We shared a great time of worship with the churches in Kitabazzi and Mbira this morning. After singing with our brothers and sisters we joined the children outside for a time of teaching and games.  The children in the village are so very precious and we enjoyed every minute with them.  After church we toured the new orphanage site.  Several buildings have been completed and the well was recently put in.  Our friends in Mberra village are very excited about the new orphanage and several walked with us as we toured.  This evening we went back to the church in Kitabazzi.  The orphan children sang for us and then we split into boys/girls for a time of testimony and sharing.  It was such a sweet time of fellowship with the kids.  We all walked away thankful and blessed.  -Erica

Mberra Church

Our sweet friends from Mberra

New Orphanage buildings

Walking through the pineapple fields

The Chickenman teaching the boys

October Uganda Update #2

Our team has just completed our second day of work here in Uganda.  Yesterday was spent doing health assessments at the orphanage in Kitabazzi.  The kids were in great health!  Today was a long and fulfilling day as we assembled new beds for the kids in Kyotera and handed out new Bibles and letter from Long Hollow church members.  Power is limited here as well as internet so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves and sign off before the power is cut.  Thanks for following along with us and praying this week.  -Erica

Assembling Beds

New Mosquito Nets

The Kids with their new Beds and Bedding

New Bibles!

Through the terminals and over the sea

We arrived in Kampala Uganda last night around 11pm. We were blessed with very short layovers and no delays as we flew our way from one continent to the other. Amsterdam was such an easy airport to navigate with very little hassles or transitions. The airplane food was tolerable and there was a little mentos station set up in the back so we all survived. We slept at a little boarding house last night on the drive to Masaka, so we have yet to reach our final destination. After a solid nights sleep we will drive the remaining 3 hours through Uganda and begin the medical assessments at the first orphanage. Several of us are developing pretty bad colds so please keep our health in your prayers. We are so excited to see the kids today and show them some love!

LOVE A L.O.T., live from Uganda

We are currently in Uganda doing sport and bible camps with the orphan children.  We have been abundantly blessed to be part of the work God is doing here. Twenty-four children have prayed to receive Christ.  Our team, with the help of excellent translators, has prayed and counseled with them.  What an experience!  We still have a few more days until we make the long trek home. Get excited! God is moving here!