Dirt Never Hurt Anybody

By: Gay Sutley – Uganda May 2012
Well, last night I had to decide just how badly I wanted a shower. Did I want one enough to risk electrocution? Ummm…yes. So I boldly stood in the outdoor open air shower stall, with a portable shower head hung on the wall, with it’s flexible metal hose hanging in a water barrel that had been filled, jug by jug, with cold well water.

Now all I had to do was hook it up…meaning take the metal clamp that was attached to theĀ battery (IN the shower stall!) and hook itĀ to the exposed red wire. This brave deed would lead to a sharp spark and then would commence the water flowing from the barrel to the shower head.

Well, after facing my fear of “shock” and holding my breath, I bravely connected the clamp. SPARK!!! And that was it. The battery hummed. But no water flowed. Looks like the portable shower has quit working.

Well, everybody ought to take a cup bath with cold water every now and then. It makes you appreciate what you have at home. Oh, and be sure not to get the water in your eyes, it could make you sick. And then for extra fun just stand around in the cool night air with your long wet hair plastered to your back. Reminds you of how much we rely on electricity and running water.

I’ve decided being clean is just so American. I’m going native. Dirt never hurt anybody.

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