Being Fluid

Photos and Blog Post by Jeff Armstrong

Excuse the hurried report, and poor sentence structure..the Wifi cuts in and out.. So I will try to type fast, and send quickly…
This trip has been a great experience. Every Day there has been a special blessing. Vivian Penuel celebrated  her birthday on this trip. What a special blessing she received to have the children in the orphanage sing her happy birthday. At Dinner Dou Dou surprised everyone with a birthday cake for Vivian, and then sang for her. His solo made a great video, a birthday she will never forget.
     Yesterday we went to see the 2 new churches that Long Hollow is building for the town of Bon Bon. What a privilege to see  how Long Hollow is making a difference in this community. Last night Pastor Dony, Pastor Nicolai, and Pastor Lionel spent the evening with us sharing the story of what God is doing here, and how we can pray and partner with them. We surrounded them last night and prayed for them.
    This is our last day here, and even though everyone is wearing down, and the heat is taking it’s toll, we all are excited and ready to work for the Lord. This team has been great. We learned the word “Fluid” this week. Being “Fluid” is better than being “flexible”, because flexible only bends so far. Where being fluid you can go with the flow. …

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