We See You

Blog Post by: Erica Ho

Many times I find myself wondering what kind of impact we have on the orphan children we serve. What is the most important thing we do for the orphan and community children we work with in Haiti? Of course the number one thing is showing and teaching them the Gospel. But what else could change an orphans life, give them the self worth they need to survive in Haiti?

Knowing we see them. Like really SEE them.

I’ve watched our team members hold a child’s face in their hands and tell them they are worth it. Maybe not in those words but rather by remembering their names, telling them how big they have gotten or how beautiful they look in their hand me down church clothes. We look these kids in the eye and say I love you and mean it. They are so valuable! What a precious gift to be able to hold them, comfort them, teach them and SEE them through Gods eyes.

Are they exceedingly grateful for our role in their lives, are they well-behaved? Sometimes. But we are talking about children who are wounded, scarred beyond belief, emotionally tramatized. In short… Messed up. We can’t and won’t expect them to be whole. What we can do is continue to see past those hurts and teach them about the one who CAN heal them. We’ve got to pray for these amazing little survivors who are preparing to live life in a country under incredible oppression and evil.

It’s a lot. Orphan care is hard and frustrating. But anything worthwhile is hard. And we are making an impact friends, they know without a doubt that we see them.

2 thoughts on “We See You

  1. Kim says:

    I needed to hear that today!

  2. Cindy Gammons says:

    I just returned from Haiti last week. It was a true blessing to be withe those beautiful children and to love on them. They are not perfect, none of us are. But they can make an impact on us just as much as we can on them. They are a blessing from God for us. Anyone that has a chance to go should take that opportunity. It is life-changing for the orphans and for ourselves.

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