Beautiful are the feet of those who bring the Gospel

Blog post by: Matthew Perry Henry Malone, the first

I am reminded of Paul’s message to the Romans in chapter 10 when he says:

But before people can ask the LORD for help, they must believe in Him; and before they can believe in Him, they must hear about Him; and for them to hear about the LORD, someone must tell them; and before someone can go and tell them, that person must be sent. It is written, ‘how beautiful is the person who comes to bring good news.’

I feel like I can relate to this passage more now than ever in my life. So many of our team members have done radical things to raise money just to come tell the good news. Yesterday was our first day of VBS, and we were reminded that all the hard work and money spent to get here was MORE than worth it.

To see our team share the good news through song, dance, word, art, and even scientific illustrations was amazing. This sounds simple but it’s the truth: We are here on a mission, and that mission is to share and live the Gospel in everything we do.

In closing, I will leave you with Paul’s words once again: before they can believe in Him, they must HEAR about Him.

And that is why we are here.

In Jesus’ name: Matt

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