Haiti Medical Trip Update

Our mission trip started with a true adventure as we boarded some very small (2-3) seater planes to make the trip to Jeremie from Port au Prince.  All of us were quite relieved to arrive safely at the guesthouse.  On Sunday we went to church and spent time at the orphanage before returning to prepare for evening clinic.  Monday and Tuesday we held community clinic in the mornings and did orphan care and vaccinations in the afternoon.  Thank goodness the kids forgive us quickly for all the “pikis” (shots) they receive.  We met and cared for several new orphans as well.  Several team members have also run a VBS in the afternoons.   Today (Wednesday) we ran community clinic all day.  In total, we have seen over 400 people in the community as well as all of the orphans.  We ended our vbs with the orphans and some of the team singing and praying for brother David as he goes into surgery.  We are excited to be running medical clinics off-site for the next 2 days in downtown Jeremie and another local community.  We have many stories of Gods love and provision to share when time and computer access allow.  But for now, know that God is showing up big time for Team Hope here in Haiti.



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