Uganda October Medical Team

We have had a great week. The travel was crazy as our “Heathrow Express” broke Down with us on it in London and we barely made our flight to Uganda. There was a lot of running and begging the airline attendant involved!

The clinic-
We were surprised to hear that the LC5 (governor of our region here) was coming to visit our clinic on Saturday. After his visit we heard from his boss (the vise-president of Uganda!) that he wanted to do a ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday with us! It was huge. There were multiple tv and newspaper journalists that showed up and interviewed us. We were interviewed on camera for the national news. The vice president was very nice and went through our clinic along with his staff and security detail (We diagnosed him with diabetes, so everyone on his staff wanted a glucose check!)

As far as operations, since we started clinic we have seen over 400 people! We are averaging 160 people per day which includes medical,dental, and vision for every person. We brought 2 children in today that were basically comatose. After IV fluids, meds and lots of care they were both smiling and awake when they left. So many stories of life change, this post would go on for pages. Keep praying for us, exciting things are happening here!


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