The Rescue

Easter is coming.

This is a big day for those of us who claim Jesus as savior. It’s the day when we celebrate sacrifice, glory, salvation and grace.

This year our church has added a very special element to our Easter celebration. The Rescue.

The Rescue encompasses everything that Easter represents. The Rescue is our way of responding to the Grace we have been shown through the death and resurrection of Christ. The Rescue boldly proclaims that without Christ we have nothing. We have been rescued from our sin and we can only respond in obedience; sharing the news of Jesus Christ… reaching those who are enslaved or persecuted and protecting the most innocent and vulnerable people in our world.


God loves them. His heart breaks for them.

As should ours.

I pray that as a church we show up in big ways this Easter. I pray that we can take a stand against the wicked acts of the world. When you prepare your heart for giving this Easter weekend please remember that your gift, your act of worship, will extend far beyond the walls of this church.

The Rescue offering includes the following initiatives:

The Home for Orphan infants and preschoolers in Uganda

Disaster Relief equipment for local outreach

Tin Roofs in Haiti

A home for our ministry partner in Haiti

Unreached People Groups in North Africa

Sustainable revenue and nutrition projects in Haiti

A second Hendersonville Campus

Daily food and care for orphan children in Uganda and Haiti

The fight against Sex Slavery in Asia/India

Education/University in Haiti

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Uganda Picture Update

Here’s a glimpse of what our Uganda team is up to this week:

Recording original songs with Gerald and the team.

Recording original songs with Gerald and the team.

Our very own Katie Smith at the baby home.

Our very own Katie Smith at the baby home.

Building project at the baby home.

Building project at the baby home.

Cuddling at the baby home.

Cuddling at the baby home.

Continue to pray for the team this week and their many projects and ministries!

Final thoughts: Men’s February Construction Trip

Blog Post by: David Aust (first mission trip to Haiti)

So how do you process and come to terms with a construction trip to Haiti? I still can’t answer! This being my first trip to Haiti, I tried to not have too many preconceived ideas of what to expect. However, I could never have been more amazed and overwhelmed at all that God is doing and the many ways He is accomplishing his plan.
By nature and design, I am a task oriented person. So when this trip’s purpose and plan was to build bathroom petitions and wire a building, I felt that this was an opportunity that I could be used in a way to serve others. The part of spending time at the orphanage and loving on the kids sounded great but honestly was outside my comfort zone. Little did I know, this was the part of the trip that God wanted me to see and experience. I am still overwhelmed at the love and joy the kids have, show and give. I often say that english is a foreign language to me but it is still hard for me to comprehend that even though I can’t speak their language we can sit for hours and never need a word. The smiles and expressions say it all.

IMG-20130214-00248    The phrase ” they have nothing” when talking about the orphans may be accurate of their earthly possessions, but seeing the joy of Jesus in their hearts and smiles convicts me of how little I trust and depend Jesus. I realize that they have more wealth and riches than I because they have a clear understanding that Jesus is all we need.
Yes, we stayed on tasked and accomplished all that we set out to do and much more from a construction point of view. But this trip for me was much more about seeing and realizing that Jesus is all I need. Seeing a group of guys and orphans all drawn together under the name of Jesus changed my world.


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Progress.  It can be measured in so many ways.  Grades on a report card, inches on a growth chart, completion of a building project.  Yet so often, as we look for outward physical progress, we miss the real progress, what God is doing.  I am glad we didn’t miss that this week.

Our construction team of 17 men came to Haiti with 2 specific objectives.  We were to wire the ESMI university building for power and lights and we were to build dividers and shelves in the bathrooms there and at the School of Joy next door (ESMI’s secondary school).  We came with goals to make progress-to complete these projects in the week we had.  But along the way we saw progress in many other areas.

Those of us that have been a few times saw the continued progress the orphans are making in Jeremie.  They are a little better behaved each trip, less whiny and needy, more content to just spend time with you.  But this trip we saw an even bigger step taken.  About 20 of the older kids were leaving for camp on Sunday and at the end of their 2 day camp they were going to go out into the towns sharing their testimonies and sharing Christ.  All of this was occurring during Carnival, a 3 day celebration of partying and voodoo rituals.  What an awesome opportunity for these kids not only to learn about Christ, but also to share their faith and spread the Gospel in such a dark place.  Progress.

As our team got into the work, it was clear that God was making progress among our team.  It was a team of 17 guys with widely different backgrounds and experiences, some very skilled, others unskilled (like me).  God blended us into a unified and well oiled machine, completing work well ahead of schedule.  We were able to take on additional projects, including lighting the School of Joy and building shelves for each of the mamas at the orphanage.  God’s hand guiding and helping us is the only explanation for such speed and efficiency.  Progress.



 As we were making progress on the work, God was making progress in each of us too.  We had some amazing group times as men shared how God was breaking their hearts through interaction with the kids at the orphanage.  Men shared how God was opening their eyes to real needs as they interacted with local kids and young men while working around the university.  Although it was a construction team-men only, there were still quite a few tears shed.  Progress.

As tasks were completed and jobs finished, I’m thankful we got to see and understand the real progress.  When the lights came on in the university for the first time, eyes got big and smiles appeared on the faces of the local helpers.  It was about much more than electricity and bathroom dividers.  When we installed the first set of shelves for one of the mama’s at the orphanage, she dragged us back inside and gestured to the ceiling saying ‘Bondye beni ou, Bondye beni ou!  mesi! mesi!’ (God bless you, God bless you! Thank you! Thank you!).  It was about much more than shelves.  It was about serving the mamas who so unselfishly serve and love on orphans every day, teaching them about Jesus.  It was about providing a functional university and school where young people can learn and have a future.  Most importantly, a place where young people can learn about Jesus and have a future in Heaven.  Now that’s real progress.



Thank you God for your progress in us and for using us to be a part of the progress You are making in others!

Blog Post by: Mike Morris

If you are interested in serving on a Construction trip to Jeremie Haiti please contact us! We are currently recruiting for our July 12-20th Trip! Click here for more details.

Haiti Men’s Trip Update


The men’s February Haiti team has been very busy this week! Check out this update from the team and keep praying for them as they finish out the week!

 ”Much progress so far!  We believe all work will be complete by mid afternoon on Wednesday.

Administrative building has lights and outlets in every room.

All bathrooms in the admin building and the school of Joy are complete.

We also put lights in the lower portion of the school of Joy. (Would have done the 2nd floor but we and the local supplier are now out of wire).

We built 17 sets of shelves and every mama has one in her room now.

We also built the kids some stools and small steps out of the scrap wood.

Finally, We built 2 sets of shutters for Pastor Dony’s office.”



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Haiti Update: Giving Matters!

How many times have you learned of a need through a sermon series like Crazy Love or Wrecked, felt moved and then dropped your gift in the basket only to lose track of the project altogether? Our desire it so keep you informed through the Love A Lot blog. By checking in with the blog on a regular basis you can see your dollars in action, respond to needs and keep up with Long Hollow mission teams as they serve around the world.

Here is an exciting update from Jeremie, Haiti where we are not only involved in orphan care but also church planting, discipleship and higher education. The following pictures of the new School of Joy and Administrative building are tangible representations of how God has blessed the partnership between Long Hollow and our ministry partners, ESMI, in Jeremie Haiti. As we are faithful to give, God is faithful to bless our efforts!



Christmas in Haiti: Part 1

By Tami Heim

Love and grace are the warp and weave of leading a team to serve in Haiti. This December is no different. Dale and I review how blessed we are by the individuals God calls to join our team and we depart knowing God is with us.

Twenty strong, each one arrives early Saturday morning. We take our first team photo on the other side of security. Leaving to serve and ready to love, is written all over their faces. Nine go for the first time. Their anticipation brings an added layer of excitement and the remaining members work hard to NOT share ‘too much’ about the adventure they are about to encounter.

Earlier, to help the team connect, we ask each member to write a bio and answer the questions: Who you are?  Why are you going? What do you expect? I tucked their responses in my trip folder. I read through each one again on the plane. I smile wondering how God will show up and show off His love this week.

Lewilson, my six-year old zanmi, becomes my photographer for the week. We walk the orphanage property corner to corner looking to catch love in motion. And that is exactly what we find when we see each team member in action.

As so this series of blogs begin. You’ll find in Haiti, compelled by love to go and wrecked by the God Who determines to reshape our hearts – to be more like His.

Carl Brewer: “I really feel God is calling me to break that routine and open up more in my spiritual life.”

Carl Brewer: “I really feel God is calling me to break that routine and open up more in my spiritual life.”

Shonda Brewer: “My hope is that God will reveal himself to me on this trip like never before and use me to touch the lives of these sweet children.”

Shonda Brewer: “My hope is that God will reveal himself to me on this trip like never before and use me to touch the lives of these sweet children.”

  Jennifer Deshler: “About a year ago, I reached a point in life where I was no longer comfortable being comfortable.” Jordie Deshler: “I can't wait to meet the kids, play with them, and do crafts together!”

Jennifer Deshler: “About a year ago, I reached a point in life where I was no longer comfortable being comfortable.”
Jordie Deshler: “I can’t wait to meet the kids, play with them, and do crafts together!”

Pamela Ferguson: “I'm a Haiti fanatic! I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ and feel blessed that He keeps calling me back to Haiti.”

Pamela Ferguson: “I’m a Haiti fanatic! I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ and feel blessed that He keeps calling me back to Haiti.”

Seth Huber: “I remember listening to the song "Hosanna" and after hearing the words ‘break my heart for what breaks yours.’ I prayed God would do that to me.”

Seth Huber: “I remember listening to the song “Hosanna” and after hearing the words ‘break my heart for what breaks yours.’ I prayed God would do that to me.”

The Fruit Found in Haiti

By Tami Heim with photography by Carrie Hayes

We behold another sunrise and bid bonjou to new mercies and the privilege to give our best again. Today is special. We go to love on the women who care for the children in Lundy. Jill Olund leads devotions and encourages us to lean into the extra strength God promises to provide, ” Let’s choose this day to love each other well.” And that is exactly what we do.

We sense the Holy Spirit empowering us to go the distance. We gather to pray and open our hearts to receive the mind and heart of Christ.

As we prepare to minister, I know there is one true thing about this day. It will be impossible to distinguish the glorious exchange between what we give and what we receive. We go to hear their heartbreaks, pray for their needs, wash their feet and lavishly bless them with the gifts only we can bring them.

The fruit of the Spirit begins to flow as soon as we arrive. The feast is so grand; it nourishes every one of us.


Love soaks and consumes us. It doesn’t discriminate or judge where it lands, but simply covers everything within its reach.


Kindness shows generosity and pushes good works beyond expected boundaries. Utterly inclusive, it forbids anyone to ever be pushed aside.


Goodness blesses others with unearthly holiness. Bringing rightness to all situations, it lifts others higher.


Joy explodes with expressions of gladness. Delightfully infectious, the volume of it can be heard in both doubled-over laughter and a quiet smile.


Faithfulness adheres firmly and demonstrates devotion and loyalty.  It’s evident a faithful God is alive and His presence is strong.


Gentleness assumes a considerate disposition, amiable and tender in all things.


Self-control works to replace ‘me’ with the Almighty ‘Thee.” It surrenders what’s easy for what is right.


Peace calmly synchronizes and brings harmony between what is soft and strong. It provides oxygen for the soul to breathe and soul to rest.


Long suffering presents beautiful transparency refined by the pain and suffering it has endured. Resting in the wrinkles of time it reflects inner beauty.

Oh, and the one thing I knew to be true – it was.

God’s Accomplishment

By Tami Heim


It’s not something you did that you can be proud of. Instead, we are God’s accomplishment, created in Christ Jesus to do good things. God planned for these good things to be the way that we live our lives.                           ~Ephesians 2:9-10, NIV


Everything about Haiti plays like a continuous loop from my head to heart. I memorize moments until everything about them is secure and I’m able to access them on demand. Bridging the gaps between trips, these memories sustain me and ease the ache of separation. On this day, I rejoice because right now, I am wholly here, filled up and ready to pour out.

I’m part of the team that doesn’t make it to Jeremie on our first day in country. Staying behind at New Life Children’s home in Port Au Prince, I see God has accomplished much in Haiti since my first visit in 2010. Significant progress is all around. Open spaces create gaps where endless rows of tents once lined the littered landscape. The difference is recognizable; the movement forward is visible to those who have been here in the past.

God’s handiwork surrounds us. What God is doing in Haiti is another one of His mighty works-in-progress. I give thanks He promises to complete whatever He starts and I am a witness to it in this country – right now.

We drive along the streets to the airport and I’m wrecked by the wonder of God’s massive plan to restore His people. Oh how rich is the mercy of our Father’s vision, the unwavering intentionality of Jesus’ mission, and the power of the Holy Spirit that equips us to do even greater things than He did.

Things continue to not work out as we had planned for the day, but we choose to not be discouraged by it. We know we are in on THE plan and each of us here has a role in it.  He is at work through us, advancing what He has already determined to do. Our mission team represents 27 willing hearts, in this place, on assignment, and everything we do right now – matters in God’s holy scheme.


Because of His deliberate purpose, I sense the indescribable measure of love and grace that covers me.


We finally make it to the guesthouse and connect with the rest of our team. We give thanks for safety, provision, and beds without bugs.

Sometimes days in this life are hard. The events and news they hold test us. But no matter how difficult, it’s impossible for them to exist beyond the reach of God’s grace. I’m emotionally tender and eager to go and be with the children in Lundy.

The truck makes it up and hill and I immediately see my little Sania in a pink and white dress, which is slightly torn, and a tad too big. I lift her into my arms as soon as I step off the bus. She softly sings Jesus Loves Me in her sweet and broken English. I sing along and the power of the words and the smile on her face break me to the core. Is it even possible to experience more love and grace than this?

Cheek to cheek I point to the features of the ocean and sky. Sania points to them, too and giggles. A perfectly timed breeze surprises and cools us. We breathe in and out.

I whisper in her ear that Dale is here, too. She lights up and quickly looks around the crowd. I point him out to her. She excitedly wiggles free and I watch her run towards him. Both arms sky high, she shouts his name and leaps into his arms. He positions her in the rightful spot on top of his shoulders. Now that she’s on top of the world, I watch Sania carefully position Dale’s sunglasses on her tiny face.  It’s lovely, precious, and as it should be.

I am aware how sacred this moment is to me. There’s no claim, boasting, or warranted behavior that’s earned the right for me to experience it. It’s the gift of God’s beloved Son that claims absolute credit for making everything about it possible.

I recognize I’m not designed to fully comprehend, solve or judge the mystery of God’s timing and what He chooses to do or not do. His ways are not mine – they are higher. They are best. I trust in Him with all that is within me. Perfect, holy, and true, I ask Him to keep me synchronized with Him – whatever it means, whatever the cost.

And so here I am in Jeremie, Haiti. I share this trip with my beloved husband, daughter, Zoe, and the remarkable mission team He assembled for this week. My arms are full and my heart is fuller.


God planned for these good things to be the way I live my life.

Thank you Lord for everything You are accomplishing, right now.

Uganda Medical Update

We have been doing clinic in Mbira Uganda for two days now. We have been able to care for many elderly villagers, 32 of our orphan children and 100 church and community members who wouldn’t have access to medical care without the team. We begin wide-scale village clinic tomorrow and expect to see about 400 more people over the next three days. We have been blessed with good health and energy, keep praying!


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